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If you would look at the insert of the Hotel on the trade sign photo, go to the lower right corner. Fast forward 120 years. “Glady’s Lunch-In” is in that spot. I was walking in for breakfast when “Glady” came running up to me saying, “Mike, go to the bazaar, my friend Shirley is holding a sign for you!” “What kind of sign, Glady?” “I don’t know, but you’ll like it”. (She was right).

Around 1865 as the Civil War ended, the men came home, the Palmyra Hotel got a new owner and was spruced up. “McLean and Magee, House, Carriage and Sign Painters” most likely took rooms or a studio inside for their commissions and ongoing projects. Historically, the first official hotel building on site was in 1824 – “The Eagle Hotel”. In 1836 a newly formed local syndicate leveled that building and up rose the new and improved “Palmyra Hotel.” A local history book claims another new owner, a Mr. Nottingham (one of the syndicate members) took over, and eventually, giving it his name. In 1865, it was sold again and renamed “The Powers Hotel”, It would seem the artists liked the earlier name or simply stuck with it for convenience. Going through our local library’s newspaper archives of the time, it is amazing to see how many contractors lived and worked in such a small town. Multiple builders, painters, repairmen, brick makers and layers, general handymen, and all the services required to furnish and maintain the village, and the likes of the Palmyra Hotel.

Once again, fast-forwarding now to the 1930s, a new and “modern” ground level. The needs of the people shall be served. One more step ahead to the late 80’s on the lower right, half of Glady’s Lunch-In is visible. Sadly, both are gone but fondly remembered.

Subsequent owners have stripped most of the history away, presumably in the name of progress plus the expense of maintaining an out-

style. I refuse to share a photo of the remaining carcass with you. The bones have been picked clean and what’s left has no dignity. Progress has spoken.

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