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Sackets Harbor

Sackets Harbor is a historical village at the beginning of the 1000 Islands in New York State. In the 1970's my husband David and I were members of the start of the Historical Society which changed it from a motorcycle gang village into what it is today.

Sackets Harbor was founded by New York City native Augustus Sackets in 1801. Following the outbreak of the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain, it became important to the war when 1/3 of the navy and 1/4 of the army were stationed there.

The US Navy built a major shipyard in the village for the war. The last ship, the USS New Orleans was never completed due to the war's end in 1815. Many paintings have been made of this ship. The army built Madison Barracks in the village and it was used until the late 19th Century. Ulysses S. Grant was stationed there for 2 tours of duty.

My house was built here in 1805 by Elisha Camp the brother-in-law

of Augustus Sackets. The house has been restored and well-loved for over 40 years. The original crane is in the fireplace in the keeping room, and the beehive oven is in the basement.

I have had an Antique business in the house since the early 1980's dealing with early furniture and smalls.

I feel real pride and commitment to the village and what it has become and my house. I would love you to visit the village and my Antique Shop at 202 General Smith Drive in Sackets Harbor, New York. I am open from May through October.

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