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The History of GCADA

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

GCADA is an acronym that stands for Genesee Country Antique Dealer’s

Association was founded in 1948 by several Rochester New York

antique dealers who wanted to professionalize the business and

develop ethical standards of conduct. An additional objective was to

provide a social setting among friendly competitors to share

information, and trends, and most importantly help educate the public on

antiques, their appropriate values, and origins. Ultimately a constitution

and by-laws were developed which the 25 members pledged to honor.

The first antique shows organized by GCADA were held at various

Rochester, N.Y. locations. They were small compared to the antique

shows held in recent times. Locations for the early GCADA shows were:

The Rochester Sheraton Hotel on East Avenue; the historic Powers

Hotel on Main St.; the Columbus Civic Center on Chestnut St.; the

Greece Holiday Inn on Ridge Rd. West. Later as the association grew St.

John Fisher College and Nazareth College became the favored show


Today 74 years later this nonprofit (501C-3) organization continues to

thrive with a membership of 84. Thanks to the committed leadership of

several individuals whose forward-thinking ideas took significant steps

to enact policy changes in 2014. The Constitution was revised

eliminating the requirement for members to attend mandatory

meetings. Several of the new members brought in high-level energy

combined with excellent creativity. With the development of a new

website, Newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram presence, GCADA moved

into the 21st Century gaining a younger audience and a new position of

market strength for the future. Instead of just a small group of

Western New York members, the organization has now broadened and

welcomes dealer members from other states that include:

Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois,

Kentucky, Missouri, and Vermont, as well as, Ontario, Canada. This

gives GCADA not only a regional position but a footstep into an

international platform that includes social media.

GCADA is changing with the times, embracing new technology and

marketing techniques. During the 2020 Pandemic, an online show was

developed for the membership to participate in. The traditional March

Antique Show that was held for over 50 years was canceled due to the

Pandemic just the day before the show was to be set up. An online

marketplace has recently been developed to help members proceed

with their business plans and reach broader markets.

Communication among the Board of Directors and the special

committees is being conducted through Zoom meetings in the

the comfort of participants’ homes. As the pandemic waned we once again sponsored both our March and June Antique shows in Pittsford and Canandaigua respectively.

GCADA’s primary objective is to present the finest antiques of many diverse venues by an acknowledged group of dealers. The dealers are well informed about their special wares and are willing to educate prospective customers and collectors who are interested in learning about the history of American antiques. They believe that the historyand preservation of these fine examples of art and craftsmanship should be acquired and passed on to new enthusiasts. GCADA dealers specialize in venues that include Americana; 18th and 19th-century furniture; textiles; ceramics; stoneware; photography; artwork; military; books and ephemera; country primitives and metalware; jewelry; mid-century modern furniture and accessories;lighting; Orientalia and vintage clothing along with Native Americanartifacts.As a nonprofit organization, GCADA continually gives back to the area museums, historical societies, and the Nazareth College General Scholarship Fund for an Arts-History major. A GCADA show whether on location or online will always attract the attention of customers looking for the finest selection of antiques for sale in the antique marketplace. GCADA is very excited about adding a new fall show this year - GREATER ROCHESTER FALL ANTIQUE SHOW ,October 22, 2022 from 10:00 to 4:00 and the show will be held in MINETT HALL at The ROC Dome in Henrietta New York.

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