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Alvin Wilcox Reware Candle Mold

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The Alvin Wilcox Pottery operated in the West Bloomfield Township of Ontario County, New York from 1825 to 1862. In addition to traditional earthenware items that were being produced at other potteries during that time the Wilcox Pottery also produced candle molds. The candle molds were constructed of redware tubes housed in a simple pine frame. The tubes were glazed on the interior only and are often stamped with the mark “A. Wilcox”. Each tube is “threaded” in two areas to facilitate securing it to the wood frame.

The mold shown below is a 24 tube mold configuration. Wilcox also produced a 36 tube configuration. The pine frame is unpainted with boot jack ends and simple nail construction.

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