Business Name : Pieces Of The Past Antiques (Cheryl Leonard Van Denburg)
Contact Info: Cell 585 737 5971
Item:  Sterling, Turquoise Navajo Bracelet, Mary S. Lew
Item Description: 
This exceptional cuff bracelet is signed by well known Navajo Artist Mary S. Lew who worked in the 1950's and 60's and sold her work through The Atkinson Trading Company in New Mexico. It is substantial, weighing approximately 60 grams.  This is a fine example of Mary Lew's silver work including stamping.  It has two large natural turquoise bezzels and is in beautiful condition including patina.  The inside is well hallmarked including her stamp and mark.  The medallion measures approximately 2 inches across both ways.The opening at the wrist back measures 1 and one half inches.  The inside diameter is 2 and one half inches across.  Although not marked sterling, it tests sterling silver.....typical of all her work.  This is a beautiful unisex design by a well known Navajo Artist.  

Sterling, Turquoise Navajo Bracelet, Mary S. Lew


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