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Item Name: Molas Girl's Blouse, Kuna Indians


Item Description:


This rare Blouse incorporates a Molas and is entirely stitched by hand. The Kuna Indians have been making these reverse applique' works of art for centuries.  They use brightly colored fabrics and threads and include hand embroidery.  The fabrics are layered intricately to reveal under pieces.  These works come from the San Blas Islands , Panama and Colombia.  The Kuna were originally nomads. The word "Molas" is now used to describe all pieces worked in this manner. It is really a Kuna word for "blouse". Molas pieces are still currently sold to tourists, but for over 50 years, not in.The form of clothing.  The Kuna do not want the Tourists wearing their traditional clothing.  This blouse measures 13" underarm to underarm and 15" neck to bottom.  It is in beautiful condition.

Molas Girl's Blouse, Kuna Indians


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