Doc's Crocks

Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this phenomenal 2 Gallon Ovoid Jug attributed to the Crolius Family of Manhattan, New York.  

Circa 1795, this beauty features an Ovoid Form, Reeded Neck, Tooled Footer, and a Huge Artistic Incised Floral.  The floral has a sweeping curved form with 6 leaves, a three petal blossom, and a larger 10 petal blossom with centered dotted petal.  Rich cobalt infill on the floral and additional cobalt at the handle terminals.  Stands 14 3/4" tall. 

Excellent Condition.  Extremely faint horizontal line in the handle 2" up from its base (closeup).  Some chips in the footer as shown.  Typical manufacturing imperfections.  Thin film of molasses on the inside at the bottom. 

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Circa 1795 Ovoid Jug attributed to the Crolius Family, Manhattan, N.Y.