BUSINESS NAME:  Doc’s Crocks

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Duane Watson,; 419-651-9965

ITEM NAME:  Burger & Co., Rochester, N.Y. 6 Gallon Crock 

DESCRIPTION:  Made by John Burger, Jr. who ran the family's pottery under this stamp from 1877-1879.  Sports an Elaborate Daisy and Tulip Executed with a Slip Cup.  Measures 14" tall and 13" wide across the top.


Very Good Condition.  A narrow 1/4" chip inside the rim, a fine 2" hairline from the rim to one handle, a 1" chip on both handles, a surface-only vertical craze line behind the right handle (3 1/2"), some glaze flakes at the bottom of the left side, and some small stains from use.  

Burger & Co., Rochester, N.Y. 6 Gallon Crock


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