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America's source for antique stoneware

We specialize in antique stoneware, blue decorated stoneware, salt-glazed stoneware, vintage stoneware, antique crocks, jugs, jars, blue and white stoneware, yellow ware, spongeware, and spatterware.  

We offer stoneware from many states, particularly Vermont stoneware, New York stoneware, Pennsylvania stoneware, Maryland Stoneware, Virginia Stoneware, and West Virginia Stoneware.

Pottery typically in stock includes that by the Nortons, the Burgers, Thompson Harrington, Hamilton and Jones, James Hamilton, T. F. Reppert, Cowden and Wilcox, the Remmeys, David Parr, Peter Hermann, and B. C. Milburn

Buying stoneware collections
Our website has over 3,000 pieces of stoneware